Online booking

Book online notifications

GrooMore has 4 notifications auto-send to the client book online. We use message templates to reduce your repeating works and reduce the error rates of manual input. The notifications including: Request submitted notification: This is the notification auto-sent to the client when the client submits a book online request. Request Accepted notification: This is the […]

Client & Pet

Pet Vaccination Track

GrooMore helps you manage the vaccinations and the pet’s vaccination records, and when the pet’s vaccination get expired, you will get an alert. Step #1 go to pet profile, you can add the pet’s vaccination record here. Step #2 Our platform has set up some commonly used vaccinations, like Rabies, Distemper, Parvovirus, Hepatitis, and so on. You […]


Square Online Payment Integration

Square online payment integration is available now, we support one-time payment and card on file. It will simplify your card payment processing. Let’s get started with Integrate square online payment… Step #1 go-to ‘setting –> Payment ->Connect to Square’ to Connect your square account. Step #2 set square location for payment, only location available for credit card […]


Introduction to GrooMore Google Calendar Sync

GrooMore Google Calendar sync feature sync all your appointments and blocks to your google calendar automatically. All your appointments and blocks changes, including add new, reschedule, and cancel appointment or block, will be synced to your google calendar in seconds, make sure your calendars stay up to date. Youtube video: Let’s get started with […]